Black Muse Club is an alternative learning center for independent artists our mission is to lead artists on a self-discovery journey and help them monetize their work while still being authentic and independent. The club is open to all kinds of artists and entrepreneurs within the art and creative sector.


The majority of people do not pursue art as a career due to it being perceived by society as not academic and financially rewarding enough. As a result, many artists and creatives, in general, find themselves studying towards disciplines they have no passion for or do not find enough opportunities to support them in their creative endeavors.

Moreover, if opportunities are available, some of these artists fall short due to a lack of work portfolios, experience, mastery, or sustainable solutions as they are not encouraged to study art at school or see it as a potential and sustainable source of income. Black Muse aims to bridge this gap by providing young and talented developing creatives and artists with intensive education and training in the art business and mentorship from successful creatives in their chosen discipline.

Additionally, our project stands out because we do not just provide education, mentorship, and training, but include creative resources and access to local studio spaces to support artists in creating exceptional and ready-to-sell “debut” artworks, photographs, and small (capsule) fashion collections that will add to their work portfolio and provide sources of sustainable income. We decided to add these components to the project because we realize that many creatives have ideas, the talent, and vision to become successful creative entrepreneurs, but lack the funds, resources, and access to studio spaces and equipment to create work that is marketable, profitable, memorable, and impactful.


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Be on our waiting list to stand a chance to be part of our next project. This is not a guarantee that you will be chosen to be part of the project, our team works hard to select the best candidates with transparency.